Why join 3PC



Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

We work in high-risk environments. So, every single one of us needs to be committed to industry-leading safety measures. Because at the end of the day, it’s about making sure everyone gets to go home to their family, safe and sound.

Before starting on site, our teams undertake practical training for pallet-wrapping, manual handling, pallet presentation quality and even the use of PDTs for reporting. Evaluations are completed using non-negotiables such as Safety Policies, SWMS and incident reporting.



Experience and Innovation
in everything we do.

We have the runs on the board to offer learnings across more than 13 years of experience.

And becoming better at what we do is core to our business – whether it’s safety, quality, unload times or any other aspect of a process, we utilise the systems we have at our fingertips to gather feedback and data, measure, and improve.

All Operators are trained and supervised, and some are then provided the opportunity to train in Lean Six-Sigma and actively pursue projects with customers to improve processes in Safety, Quality and Efficiency.

With the benefit of working experience across 100s of sites nationally, and a system of regular review and gathering customer feedback, we continually strive to refine the container handling process and other managed labour services.


We’re not a container business. We’re a people business.

Team 3PC enjoy a strong culture of working together for better outcomes and higher earnings.

We try to speak to everyone every single day. By doing this, we get to hear and see how they are really going.

Once selected and on-site, new recruits are teamed with experienced staff and Team Leaders to set standards in-line with 3PC’s quality expectations, work ethic and culture. Supervisors conduct competency assessments for manual handling and MHE operation, as well as on-going coaching on SWMS and compliance with 3PC’s policies and procedures.

We invest heavily in our staff to ensure we maintain the latest industry knowledge and highest professional standards. Continuously evolving training is undertaken with a focus on safety, leadership, planning, Process Improvement, 5S and more.


Our Team

A motivated team is a more productive team

Efficiency is baked into everything we do. Our teams are motivated by the opportunity to take home earnings in keeping with what they put in.